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Growing Community: I am an urban homesteader

What does it mean to be an urban homesteader? The notion of the homestead is far from new. The Oxford Canadian Dictionary (Second Edition) defines “homestead” as: “n. 1 an area of public land…granted to a settler in exchange for … Continue reading

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Urban food gardening, part 5: harvest time

Is November still considered “harvest time”? My North American upbringing has me associating the harvest with late August to October, with the requisite pumpkins, apples, golden sunlight (when it’s not raining), and random haystacks. An unidentified farm vehicle and a … Continue reading

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Milk culture

Are we devoid of culture? Cultured foods, especially fermented milk products, were once a much larger part of our collective diet. From necessity, many cultures discovered how to preserve milk and make delicious foods in the process. In the time … Continue reading

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