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Off-Season Abundance

A trip through my grocery store a few months ago brought me face-to-face with a freezer special that would change the way I think about canning. Packages of frozen berries—organic, sustainably grown, heirloom variety black raspberries, to be exact—were on … Continue reading

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Growing Community: I am an urban homesteader

What does it mean to be an urban homesteader? The notion of the homestead is far from new. The Oxford Canadian Dictionary (Second Edition) defines “homestead” as: “n. 1 an area of public land…granted to a settler in exchange for … Continue reading

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A New Year in Food

I’ve never been a big fan of the New Year’s resolution. I’m not against it in principle, it just often lacks intention and an implementation plan. “This year I will garden more,” she declares, coffee in hand, one late morning … Continue reading

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Follow the white radish

I have a confession to make. Last week I bought, prepared, and ate green beans from Mexico. As I ate the internationals, steaming and tender, dripping with savoury sauce, I tried to shut their failings from my mind. Each unassuming … Continue reading

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