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Gathering Morels

Early this year I made three food goals, the third of which was to forage for food in the city. I haven’t found a way to fulfill this goal yet, but others certainly have. Guest blogger Roman Muntener and his … Continue reading

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A New Year in Food

I’ve never been a big fan of the New Year’s resolution. I’m not against it in principle, it just often lacks intention and an implementation plan. “This year I will garden more,” she declares, coffee in hand, one late morning … Continue reading

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Urban food gardening, part 5: harvest time

Is November still considered “harvest time”? My North American upbringing has me associating the harvest with late August to October, with the requisite pumpkins, apples, golden sunlight (when it’s not raining), and random haystacks. An unidentified farm vehicle and a … Continue reading

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Veggie Newbie

The 2010 New Vegetable of the Year is… a rediscovered heirloom, a new hybrid, or a genetically modified Franken-veggie? Nope, it’s Swiss chard—a brand new vegetable, for me at least. I was a picky eater as a kid. Perhaps I … Continue reading

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Urban food gardening, part 4: site maintenance

Time moves slowly in the first weeks after sowing seed. You’re watering very carefully, waiting for the first tiny greens to break through the soil. You watch for growth, measured daily, and write veggie due dates in your calendar. With … Continue reading

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Urban food gardening, part 3: from seed…

When did my favourite reading become a seed catalogue? Such publications are fascinating, really. A wealth of information, tidily packaged into concise boxes with pictures, descriptive text, and icons for growing seasons and heirloom status. Though not strictly necessary, some … Continue reading

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Urban food gardening, part 2: the reclaimant gardener

Choosing a site for a vegetable garden is dependent on several very practical things. Exposure is critical, so a south-facing site with plenty of east and west exposure will allow needed hours of sun to reach hungry leaves. Water is … Continue reading

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